Birra Armena

The bond between the region of Umbria and beer is a historic one, with roots stretching back into the mists of time. It is in this place of divine elevations and material know-how that Amèna’s beer-making excellence was born from the passion of a large company and the simplicity of nature, which has bestowed crystal clear waters and a boundless expanse of grain fields in this region. We are proud of our complete traceability, guaranteed by each link in a long chain of processes from the individual grain seed to our consumers’ tables. This is thanks to our constant hard work, and cuts through every phase and every decision, from sustainable working to terrain, through to barley storage and the final transformation into beer. It is all entrusted to the expert hands of Benedetti & Grigi.



A refreshing, thirst quenching Bière Blanche with a dense, almost cream-coloured white head. A pleasantly malty flavour blends into spicy coriander and citrus nuances.


Blonde Ale, pale, made with 100% malted barley. A generous, dense creamy head. From an initially delicate, sweet grain flavour, a medium-dry ale emerges.


Belgian Ale, amber-coloured with a compact, creamy, tight head. From an initially pronounced, intense malty flavour, an evident sweet caramel note emerges.