Bcoco coconut water comes from a coconut farm in the heart of Thailand. This location is known for its rich sediment and our plantation lies in a fertile delta area, making this an ideal location for aromatic coconut planting. This type of delta is locally called “the land of three waters” due to its three types of water sources: freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water. Unlike other regions, the combination of these three water sources results in a unique cultivation of sweet aromatic coconuts, and results in a high quality product.

A region known as one of the most fertile lands in the country, only premium coconuts are grown here, with the perfect balance of soft coconut meat, a unique aroma and great flavour. Our coconut water is a natural product without preservatives or added sugar, and it is cholesterol & fat free. The purity of Bcoco provides healthy nutrients such as cytokinins that have anti-aging and anti-clotting effects and various bio-enzymes that assist in digestion and metabolism. It is also a tremendous natural source of energy, with an abundance of minerals, B-complex vitamins and potassium — more than almost any other tropical juice.

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