Cantina Benedetti e Grigi

Our company was born in the Umbrian hills of Montefalco, the ideal place for growing grape varieties with strong local roots such as Sagrantino (the native variety par excellence), Trebbiano Spoletino and Grechetto, as well as other illustrious international varieties.

Our estate has been designed to guarantee diverse sun exposure for each grape variety, thus bringing out their different aromas and flavour characteristics to the full in our wines. We follow an integrated pest management system, which is a low environmental impact farming method that involves a drastic reduction in the use of plant protection products. From balanced pruning to enhance the vine structure right through to wine making, we use the most innovative techniques, know-how and equipment to exalt the natural aroma potential of our grapes.



B&G DOC Trebbiano Spoletino

A modern-style, straw yellow wine with delicate green nuances. Its crisp, delicate bouquet with aromatic herb and green apple nuances gives it a pleasantly citrusy flavour.


B&G DOC Colli Martani

Its straw yellow colour anticipates a delicate bouquet, conjuring up white fruit and wildflowers. Crisp with floral aromas it has a soft and mildly almond-like finish.


B&G DOC Montefalco Grechetto

Structured, elegant wine. Straw yellow with golden reflections. Notes of ripe fruit and light harmonic hints of vanilla from the oak. Refined palate with notes of butter and almond combined with a significant, pleasant minerality.


White wine