Molino Gatti

Our group has always believed in the potential of the land, the place where it all begins. For this reason we start with the seed of the grain, the origin of it all and the first link in a chain of processes which lead to our customers’ dining tables. After planting the seed the next step is tending the fields with sustainable and effective practices, followed by harvesting the grain and storing it. This process is traceable and controlled, and leads finally to the milling of the grain which is entrusted to the expertise and skill of Molino Gatti. The quality of the final product is thus a matter of the whole chain producing a range of flour that is additive-free, enzyme-free and preservative-free, thus healthier and easier to digest — all made with our characteristic passion.


Flour type “00”

Type 00 flour for artisan bread-making, made with select Italian grains; ideal for bread roll and baguette making.

Flour type “0”

Type 0 flour made with selected Italian grains, suitable for traditional bread-making and ideal for Umbrian and Tuscan breads.

Flour type “1”

Type 1 bread flour made by traditional milling, preserving all the natural characteristics of the wheat. This “Pane della Massaia” flour comes directly from the producers in the Umbrian town of Castiglione del Lago.

Molino Gatti Flour