Food is just a part of the experience the rest you will see.



Price compared with quality of food

Thank you Robbin the owner of restaurant I went there first time they give you advice about what we should order and try.The restaurant small and cozy, Lin Asian Bar and Dim Sum will delight you in every way. The food is fabulous, especially their handmade soup dumplings and the seafood in bird’s nest,Shanghai Soup Dumplings my personal favorites. We like to sit at the bar by the open kitchen and watch the owner and chef make the dumplings, each one hand rolled and stuffed. The atmosphere is friendly and the service is excellent. They even have a great wine list. Dining options include the kitchen bar, a limited number of tables in the dining room, a private dining room that seats probably 12, seating at the cocktail bar and a handful of tables outside on the front porch. You will want to make reservations in advance because the place is always crowded. It’s easy to see why it is so popular. Parking is also extremely limited.