TORA Cancun,Mexico

Food is just a part of the experience the rest you will see.



Price compared with quality of food

Great food ,great service, very chic It is a must when visiting Cancun Mexico. This japonese restaurant has one of the best cuisines and service I have ever seen. It is a quite but good atmosphere. The busy time is sunset they have the best spot watching sunset every the sea.The sushi is delicious. If you decide to go, it is recomendd to book in advance. The cuisine has this special touch of asiatic fusion that make the menu very unique friendly price worthwhile to go.The atmosphere is very cool and chic. On a Friday night there were lots of people having drinks in the large bar area after work and the restaurant was full.

It’s always a good sign when the sushi chefs are Japanese and greet you in the traditional ‘Irasshaimasse’ when you have a seat.

The menu is nice and varied with a large selection of modern japanese starters, salads and mains as well as a fairly comprehensive sushi and sashimi menu. The menu had delicacies such as wagyu with truffle ponzu sauce and Uni (Sea urchin). When a restaurant uses authentic hard to get ingredients such as ponzu, gobo, mizuna etc you know that you’re on to something good.

I had a sea-bass dish with ponzu sauce which was excellent, a white fired dumpling sutffed shitake katsu dish  which as not bad, fried tofu with spices sauce and gobo salad which was also not bad as well as a traditional tempura roll which was done perfectly. All with a glass of sake (cold).Overall Tora is excellent for modern Japanese. Authentic ingredients with nice western flavour twists with innovative ideas. Highly recommended from someone with high expectations for Japanese food.