Waku Ghin Marina Bay,Singapore

I’m used to Michelin star restaurants.I will not tell to much about it.

Advice: do not look at facebook or instagram or Just note:
Food is just a part of the experience the rest you will see.




Waku Ghin own private room at a Omakase style bar with just six people with our own private chef,very special evening. The chef brought out a box full of assorted fish and shell fish, all still moving around – can’t get fresher than that.For uni, abalone or the wagyu was the best dish of the night – everything was very delicious 13 dishes with wine and sake pairing.

What was so outstanding about it?

The chef firstly showed a box of examples of the type of seafood we would be eating. Most of the menu is seafood with two beef courses. The seafood came from around the world including Canada. 

Having a personal chef prepare your meal right in front of you.

The  abalone was very delicious.

For Uni, Shrimp, and Caviar signature dish just so tasty malt in your mouth.

Sake & wine very well pairing .

Terrific selection of wines available by the glass or bottle. Once dinner is complete you move to a lounge overlooking the harbor for light dessert and beverage of your choice. Amazing desserts!

Overall the service was very attentive and polite. The food was very fresh – the freshness of the food was the real attraction.

All in all, Waku Ghin beat out other, more highly rated establishments in my experience.